Who’s captaining this cassette?

Hi I’m Dave Borgioli-Jones,

I’ve worked in digital marketing for almost two decades and I love it. I enjoy connecting people to information and crafting digital experiences for them. Creating content that achieves results is my happy place.

My career began with online journalism but in time I saw an opportunity to pair writing with web development skills. I completed a digital media diploma at Media Design School in 2011 and followed it up with a certificate in user experience design.

To date I have worked across entertainment, agriculture and local government sectors. Collaborating with a diverse range of clients keeps things interesting and provides an endless opportunity to learn.

Outside of work I like pastel painting, surfing, listening to music (you know… the whole Mixtape thing), and sharing squirrel and cat memes.

Mixtape Media - Website Services

Why Mixtape exists

As a digital strategist I saw countless opportunities to improve and optimise websites. I designed content solutions balancing digital and user experience best practices. In March 2022, I started Mixtape Media so I could offer these services to many businesses. It’s exciting providing an external perspective and approach to achieving their goals.


Working with me

Working with me is fun. It usually starts with a coffee catch-up (my shout) or video call depending on where you’re based. I’ll probably be wearing a corduroy shirt, they’re pretty comfortable. I’ll take the time to listen to your needs then put together a creative solution that achieves them. The emphasis is on an enjoyable experience, and the outcome is creating one as well.

When it comes to work to be done, everyone has their own mixtape that’s right for them. Let’s put together the perfect one for you!

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