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Thinking beyond the campaign

12 March 2023

The campaign launch date has been set, print and digital ads are booked in, you’ve finished your landing page (frantically, due to the impending deadline of your ads), analytics are set up for tracking, and now it’s time to kick back and watch those conversions happen.

This is common to many campaigns I observe… the preparation focussing on creating campaign collateral, booking ads, then landing page content last. The only job left to do being launch, then report on how the campaign went. The numbers seem good, job well done.

But is something missing in this approach?

Hint: Yes, it is. It’s short sighted for a few reasons…

1. Missed opportunity

Without taking the rest of the website into consideration you’re missing the chance to improve longer term.

2. Customers don’t stop at your landing page

Common behaviour is for users to explore more of your website, sussing you out, and the quality of your product or content. If all your energy goes into a campaign page, but the other pages don’t have the same care and attention, then your campaign is unlikely reach its potential as users arrive to your site but ultimately bounce.

3. Customers don’t always arrive at your website via an ad either

Before, during and after your campaign, people reach your website (or not) via Google based on the quality of your content and relevance to them. Is your content as good as it can be? This is important particularly if your campaign is compensating for low traffic, because if your website isn’t performing before you run a paid campaign, then it won’t be performing after your campaign has finished running.

4. Can your campaign content live beyond the campaign?

Is there campaign content that may live on longer term, perhaps in a different format? E.g. Could the knowledge in that PDF download you painstakingly created, also be put into a more discoverable format like a web page later on. Is that page set up? Is there a plan to redirect the campaign page there later?

Content strategy as a part of campaign planning

User journeys and content strategy should be built into campaign planning, but they’re often overlooked or seen as out of scope. Use this opportunity, or even better, review these aspects of your website proactively.

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