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Unlocking your website’s potential

02 April 2023

By Dave Borgioli-Jones

At Mixtape we’re big on our website reviews and unlocking potential to make your website the best it can be. What sort of wins do our clients get from this process? Here are some we squirrelled away just for you…

Consolidating content

We often find duplicate content or opportunities to consolidate information spread across multiple pages. It could be as simple as a page about membership benefits which makes sense to be consolidated with a page about pricing.

Increasing content visibility

Many websites are hiding their best content in PDF format. Through review we can see high performing downloads and cross check whether that content exists on web pages. If not, this is flagged to be actioned since organic search traffic increases when we present key content in a search friendly format.

Identifying missing or poor quality metadata

Page descriptions are part of bread-and-butter SEO practice and they are still important today. While it’s not guaranteed that Google will show your page description in its results, click through rates from search increase when descriptions are compelling and relevant. Our reviews regularly find pages that don’t contain descriptions or have a lot of opportunity for improvement.

Optimising text content

The terminology we use in our organisations may not be the same terminology our customers use when they search. Website reviews help uncover search terms that can be incorporated into your web page copy to increase traffic.

Improving page load speed

If your website is slow to load, your users will bounce. Google also ranks you on speed. This one time, at Mixtape camp, we were asked to review a home page that had become sluggish. It turned out the page was loading images up to 14mb in size, simply because hi-res versions had been used instead of web optimised ones. Once we swapped the images out for smaller ones the issue was resolved.

Fixing indexing issues

Our most commonly identified indexing issue is pages that have been set to noindex. This often happens when hidden pages are created for review and the noindex tag is forgotten when they’re made live.

My favourite indexing fix…

A few years ago I was working on a large content website where the traffic had plateaued. Analytics showed that on a website of 2000+ pages, most traffic was going to Home, Contact, and About sections.

It turned out the website had a script that looked at the time on your computers clock. If it wasn’t on New Zealand time, only those three sections were visible.

The intent of this script was to hide content from international traffic. Unfortunately, it was blocking Google from crawling the website since the bots weren’t on NZ time.

Once this was removed the site was indexed in full and experienced sustained growth in traffic for several years. A site with less than 10k monthly users went on to crack 100k.


Unlocking your website's potential

Unlock the potential of your website with a Mixtape review